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Lincoln’s New Ad Approach

Lincoln has something to crow about with its 2011 MKX crossover that comes with the world’s first buttonless, driver connectivity system that feels like it’s from the future.
So what better time to change advertising?
Two years ago Lincoln started ads comparing its products to starships, a unified look across all vehicles that we liked by the way.
But Matt Van Dyke, director of marketing communications for both Ford and Lincoln in the U.S., told me the old starship campaign was working, “it just wasn’t doing all the things we wanted it to do.” He said the old ads didn’t give many product details and felt cold and impersonal.
Enter actor John Slattery as Lincoln’s new ad spokesman.The silver-haired Slattery, who was killed off in his role as Gabby’s husband on “Desperate Housewives,” plays ad agency partner Roger Sterling on AMC’s award-winning “Mad Men.”
Van Dyke describes him as “credible, sophisticated and believable for our brand.”
You be the judge

“Something New”


“No Other Anything”


Van Dyke says Slattery “has a little bit of an edge he can bring to the message.” He also quipped that unlike Slattery’s boozy “Mad Men” character, “we didn’t give him martinis on the set” of the ad shoot.
The new blitz breaks Oct. 2 on NBC during the Ryder Cup golf tourney. WPP Group’s Team Detroit, Dearborn, Michigan, handles and also created a new spot for the 2011 MKZ Hybrid.
“All Things Equal”

Ford’s only remaining luxury marque is also dropping the “Reach Higher” tag it introduced in fall 2005 and the brand’s third since 1999. We’re glad to see that one go, another example of a car brand tacking on a meaningless tag.
Lincoln ads will run sans a tag, which is fine and not that rare in the auto category. But the first three commercials all end with Slattery saying “It’s not just luxury, it’s smarter than that,” which certainly clicks with Lincoln’s brand positioning.
Too many Americans still think of Lincoln in terms of its sofa-like Town Car big sedan and don’t know how far the brand has come in the past several years with better new products.
So Lincoln is currently working with auto shopper web sites to develop plans to get its new models into the hands of in-market shoppers. Lincoln’s idea is to deliver one of its products to a consumer in a top luxury market to drive for a weekend.
Now that’s thinking out of the box!