About: THE place for car advertising talk

Jean Halliday has covered car advertising for longer than any other journalist in the nation.

3 responses to “About: THE place for car advertising talk

  1. My husband and I have purchased and enjoyed Toyotas over all other cars for the past 27 years. For the first time ever, I am considering that we should switch. That is the degree to which your “lame Parents” ads upset me.
    Is it not enought that we have our children watching Paris Hilton and Lyndsay Lohan becoming sympathetic characters? Is it not enough that every reality show relishes in its ability to desensitize us to trash and vulagarity. Now your company decides to make children the voices of snobbery. This is really advertising at its worst. The vehicles used to speak for themselves. Shame on Toyota.

  2. Have you noticed Cadillac’s “The new standard of the world” is curiously not unlike Buick’s “The new class of world class?” GM’s finally been doing a good job of distinguishing the cars, but now they’re re-badging taglines?

  3. Enjoyed your take on the new Lincoln campaign.

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