Musical Chairs Again At General Motors’ Marketing

General Motors quietly shifted a couple of marketing execs around in recent weeks.
Chris Perry, named vice president of marketing for all USA brands at the start of 2011, was moved back to Chevrolet, this time to the new position of global marketing and strategy chief. It’s the third position for Perry since he arrived from Hyundai Motor America about a year ago.
Rick Scheidt, who was vice president-marketing of Chevrolet, has been moved to a new product and pricing job under North American GM Prez Mark Reuss, a GM spokesman confirmed to AutoAdOpolis.
So who takes Perry’s place as the head of all GM’s marketing here?
That would be Joel Ewanick, who was named global marketing chief last December.
Perry told me at Chevy’s cool Woodward Dream Cruise event yesterday that he still reports to Ewanick, but Joel is now focusing more on USA marketing.
“We’re going to start managing the brands as brands,” said Perry.
The moves all seem to be good news. GM has recognized it has a problem with consistent advertising that is above average.
Now let’s get to it, shall we?

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