Out of the Box Thinking from VW and Volvo?

At a time when we’re bombarded with ad messages everywhere we look, automakers like to keep trying different ways to catch people’s attention. Always a good idea to push the envelope, but here’s two different examples: one a great idea, the other not so much.
Volvo Cars has been beating the drums online in an interesting way for a few months its second-generation S60 at volvocars.com and Facebook. Volvo positions the 2011 sedan as “naughty” in a global blitz from Arnold Worldwide and Euro RSCG 4D.
The initial version only showed the sedan performing at two “levels” of naughtiness and asked viewers in a crowd-sourcing program to submit ideas how to create a Level Four experience.
That’s now on the site: http://www.volvocars.com/us
Check out the cool video for “Precision Acceleration” at Level Four. WOW- how cool is that?
The Volvo gang in the U.S. are in the midst of a Naughty Tour, where folks can be the first to drive the S60 and put it through its paces.
Kudos to Volvo UK’s cheeky take on the naughty theme :

I’m pretty sure the French aren’t amused, but then again it’s cool to be naughty.

Take a bow, Volvo for this integrated international effort.

And then there’s this marketing stunt from Volkswagen and DDB in Barcelona.

If you were “lucky” enough to have passed through Terminal One of the Barcelona Airport Spain recently, you got to see the giant terrarium with the new Volkswagen Touareg under glass. Not to worry if you were stateside. You can see the making of this wonder here:

First snakes on planes and now snakes in airports as a way to sell cars? Huh?

The strategy is to get Spaniards and visitors to think about the Touareg as THE for your dangerous, back- road adventures.

But most people HATE snakes or are dreadfully scared of them, so why would a marketer want to align their product with snakes? It’s just creepy.

Thumbs down to that one and better luck next time to DDB and VW in Spain when it tries again to push the envelope.

MAKING TRACKS: Steve Sturm, who retired from Toyota’s corporate offices in Manhattan about 6 months ago after a long career at the automaker that included the head of Lexus and Toyota marketing on the West Coast, is on his way back to California for a new gig. Stay tuned!

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