Is Chevy’s New Commercial Too Similar to Jeep’s?

The first new TV commercial from Chevrolet ‘s new agency broke this week under the baton of General Motors’ new marketing czar Joel Ewanick.
It features Chevy’s slick Corvette, comparing the sports car that have made kids and grown men drool for decades to a rocket ship.
See for yourself:

Using a low-volume halo car like the Vette is a natural for any carmaker and can create a nice aura for the rest of a brand. Chevrolet has been remiss in not taking advantage of its venerated Vette very often in this way.
We especially like the folksy narrative at the start of the 45-second commercial, that broke during the MLB’s All-Star Game on July 13.
Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco, just got Chevy’s account in late May without a review. Even before Joel’s arrival, Chevy had been trying to find a new ad tag that would capture the soul of the brand and replace “American Revolution.” Publicis, which basically had the account for a cup of coffee before Ewanick’s arrival, had dreamed up “Excellence for All.” Ewanick threw that out the window along with Publicis.
Chevy’s new commercial is already generating tons of controversy in the ether. While the spot has its fans, there’s also critics who say it’s too similar to the launch ad for the all-new 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee, from that brand’s new shop Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, which focused on pride in American manufacturing.
One ad agency exec with a major car account told me if he was Joel, he would have pulled the new Chevy commercial before it aired because Wieden’s Jeep ads were already out there and the executions are so similar.
Easy to say. Not so easy to do. The time had already been bought on ESPN. Not only that, Chevrolet really needs to get back in front of consumers again.
Sometimes you take a wild shot and hope it goes in the basket.
It’s not as if Goodby & Co. copied Wieden’s approach. The story boards were most likely already approved and production well on its way by the time the Grand Cherokee ads broke about a month ago.
Let’s give ’em a chance. The real litmus test will be the MAJOR blitz due this fall for Chevrolet from Goodby. Stay tuned.
Meantime, watch the Jeep Grand Cherokee commercial:

What’s your verdict?

KUDOS: To Shaun Bugbee, VP-sales and marketing for Mini Financial Services for challenging his team to make the dry topic of aftermarket insurance services entertaining. The result: a viral video for Mini’s Extended Motorer Protection, created by P3 Entertainment Manhattan, that earned a recent Telly Award.
Check it out – and let me know what you think.

One response to “Is Chevy’s New Commercial Too Similar to Jeep’s?

  1. um, both are similar to the Subaru spots from almost 20 years ago. Shot by Joe Pytka. I think “Tell me what to drive.” was the theme.
    Bunch of clips all strung together with a narrator going on about the same kind of shit.

    Nothing to see here.

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