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Automotive advertising has always been a crucial part of the ad biz. Consider this: carmakers spent almost $8.5 billion- yes BILLION- in 2008 on advertising in measured media (like TV, radio & mags) in this country. But as the auto industry struggled mightily when the economy faltered in late 2008 and ’09, management at most companies slashed ad spending. While we won’t know the final tallies for 2009 for a month or so, it’s a very safe bet to say it dropped.
Only a handful of automakers have been beefing up their ad spending. Hyundai and Audi have been the most visible in the past year, especially with their high-profile TV buys in venues like the Super Bowl, Olympics and Oscars. Pundits say advertisers that advertise more during lousy economic eras outperform their competitors that trim spending.
Audi is really sticking it to BMW in its newest TV commercial from Venables Bell & Partners, San Francisco, that is getting plenty of air time on NBC’s Olympic broadcasts. The spot sets up situations in which people come in second to a winner, with the punchline being BMW knows how that feels since Audi bested BMW in three straight Car & Driver magazine model tests.
Audi commercial
OUCH! I’m sure BMW is NOT amused.
Hyundai was the biggest auto advertiser during the Super Bowl, running six commercials in the 30 minutes before the game as the name sponsor of the Pre-Kick Off show and two in-game spots.
Hyundai didn’t go for big laughs or razz-mataz. That’s OK. Instead Hyundai used simple messages that make sense for this growing brand.
See one of Hyundai\’s commercials
Hyundai’s ad agency, Innocean in Irvine, California, is an in-house shop that was handed the account last year, succeeding Goodby, Silverstein & Partners in San Francisco.

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